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The Pocahontas Connection!


Generation No.1

1. JOHN 4 ROLFE (JOHN 3, EUSTACE 2, ROBERT 1) was born May 06, 1585 in Heacham Hall, Norfolk, England, and died 1622 in Jamestown, VA. He married (1) SARAH HACKER. He married (2) JANE PIERCE. He married (3) POCAHONTAS MATOAKS AMONTE April 05, 1614 in James City, Jamestown, VA. She was born 1595 in Jamestown, VA, and died 1622 in Gravesend, England.

Notes for JOHN ROLFE:

John Rolfe, English colonist of Jamestown, Virginia, who was married to Pocahontas the younger daughter of the Native American chief Powhatan.

Rofle was Born in Norfolk, England . In 1609 he sailed to America with the expedition led by English Navigator Sir George Somers. He reached Virginia in 1610 and became a planter. Rofle cultivated the strain of tobacco that became Virginia`s staple crop-exports of tobacco to England provided economic stability for the colony.

In 1614 Rolfe, a widower, married Pocahonas. Their marriage brought a time of peace between the colonists and Native Americans that lasted for eight years. In 1616 the couple, with their infant son, went to England. Pocahontas received a royal reception, but she became ill and died the following year. Rolfe returned to Virginia, where in 1621 Became a member of the colony`s first Council of State. He was killed in the massacre of 1622.


2. i. THOMAS 5 ROLFE, b. January 30, 1614/15, Richmond, Indian Territory, (Smith`s Fort Plantation, VA; d. 1675, Kippax, Prince George Co., VA.