About TracknWatch

TracknWatch is an exciting new live streaming and tracking concept, which allows people to live stream incidents or events from across the globe whilst tracking the persons actual location on an interactive map. We refer to these persons as “Watchers".

Watchers who display their location are indicated by a green flashing marker and by zooming in on the marker you can see where they are anywhere in the world. A Red-flashing marker indicates that the member is streaming live video and if the video is public you can watch the event or incident by simply clicking on the marker. You can use the chat facility to talk to the watcher during the event.

We are seeking “Watchers” around the globe who would like the opportunity to join our network and supplement their income by streaming events in their area. Emergency services can access our “Secure” map where only the persons they authorise can access a private map.

To apply for membership to the network please go to our website at https://tracknwatch.com and fill out one of the “Watcher Application” forms at the top of the page and we will contact you to discuss your application and the equipment you will need to obtain.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your needs at support@tracknwatch.com